Amazon EKS Anywhere is a new deployment option for Amazon EKS that allows customers to create and operate Kubernetes clusters on customer-managed infrastructure, supported by AWS. Customers can now run Amazon EKS Anywhere on their own on-premises infrastructure on bare metal servers or using VMware vSphere, with support for more deployment targets coming in the near future.

Amazon EKS Anywhere helps simplify the creation and operation of on-premises Kubernetes clusters with default component configurations while providing tools for automating cluster management. It builds on the strengths of Amazon EKS Distro: the same Kubernetes distribution that powers Amazon EKS on AWS. AWS supports all Amazon EKS Anywhere components including the integrated 3rd-party software, so that customers can reduce their support costs and avoid maintenance of redundant open-source and third-party tools. In addition, Amazon EKS Anywhere gives customers on-premises Kubernetes operational tooling that’s consistent with Amazon EKS. You can leverage the EKS console to view all of your Kubernetes clusters (including EKS Anywhere clusters) running anywhere, through the EKS Connector.